How to Install Baseboard

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Baseboard is one of ways that people often use to add an essential finishing touch to a room. It covers the joints between the walls and the floor. It is also relatively easy to cut and install, even you can do yourself. Learn how to install baseboard and you will get a satisfaction.

There are steps you should do on how to install baseboard. Here are the ways:

1. First, before your changes the old baseboard with the new one, you need to remove old baseboard trim. Use a utility knife to cut through caulking or paint along the top edge of the trim. Loosen the trim from the wall using a putty knife. Do it gently to avoid damaging the wall and floor.Then, you can pull the trim away.

2. Second, you can measure and cut the baseboard.Measure the width of each wall carefully and calculate how much molding you will need. Paint the baseboard before installing.To cut the first piece for inside corners, measure the wall twice (measure twice, cut once) and cut a 45-degree miter sloping away from the board’s face at both ends.

3. Next, you can cut the first joint accordingly on the board that will meet the other baseboard in the corner. Cut the other end at a 45-degree angle, and continue the process around the room. Cut straight butt joints to meet doorframe moldings and built-in furniture pieces like cabinets.

4. Last, nail the trim in place. You can use a stud finder to locate wall studs to nail into.Knock on the wall to differentiate the hollow areas from the studs. Sink the nails below the surface with a downward angle on a nail set, or by using a nail gun. Fill all the nail holes with putty, allow to dry, and sand. If necessary, you can install shoe molding and cap molding.

Those are what you do on how to install baseboard. Know them well and apply to help you changing your old baseboard with the new one.

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