70 Wonderful IKEA Home Office Designs

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You work at home, but you bored with your office? A home office that is so-so only will make you bored indeed. It will also have an impact on the quality of your performance. So let’s redesign your office to take more interesting idea with IKEA home office.

Here, you can create a wonderful modern IKEA home office. The modern sense can be produced from the use of furniture and the color. First, you need to apply a white flooring and white ceiling. While for the wall you can choose a light grey to lose the monotonous atmosphere of your office.

Then, in the noon when you are working, the sunlight which comes through the white window near your table helps you in lighting. On the other hand, you don’t need any lighting from the lamps and it can save the electrical energy.

Present a stripes white and green curtain to give natural nuance there. Next, by choosing a glass table and black chair can make you office more elegant. You can add two round chandeliers over the table that later on helps you when you have overtime work. Behind your seat, you may put wooden floor cabinets, and over it you can add wall cabinets.

Cabinets which have glass door will make you easy to find out your documents. When you need to welcome your guest, a comfortable seat is what you need. Please them to sit on the green sofa. You can add it with a black wooden coffee table and black and white stripes cushions. Make them comfort by spreading white and black stripes rug.

On the opposite of the sofa, you can have a small pantry. It is just used to make a glass of tea for your guests or maybe a cup of coffee when you need to rest while working. Use the grey tools to make your office more interesting.

If you often go abroad and you like to buy urns, you are allowed to put them in the corner of your office. It will beautify your IKEA home office as it is suitable with IKEA furniture used there. In the end, whatever your home office is, the comfort is the most important thing in working.

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