70 Cool Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

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You want to refresh your body after doing activity outside? Or you just want to wash your hands? A cool bathroom with an unique style can be applied to make you comfort being in the bathroom. Beautify your bathroom with cool Scandinavian bathroom designs are the way.

Well, let’s start designing your Scandinavian bathroom. To make your bathroom cool, choosing white and a bit black color for some tools is the key. Use white ceramic wall for your bathroom wall and grey flooring. Separate the wet area and the dry area of your bathroom. By using a glass shower box is a good way for a cool bathroom. Choose a stainless shower and combine it with a white bath up.

To create a nature nuance you can add a plant pot in the corner. Then, now we begin to decorate the dry area. The dry area consists of a sink, cabinet, mirror, and toilet. Combine the white ceramic wall with double white sinks. Use the space under sinks to put cabinet. White cabinet with stainless handle is really cool.

Then, beautify your face with the existence of big mirror which cover the wall over the sinks. Illuminate it with white lights from the high white ceiling. Put a glass vase with purple orchid beside the sink makes your eyes unsaturated. For putting your towel and your clothes while you are bathing, a wall hook near the cabinets is the solution. If possible, you can perfect your cool Scandinavian bathroom designs with the use of black tools, like black towel and black doormat.

The combination between grey, black, and a dominant white will not only make your bathroom cool but also make it more spacious. Scandinavian bathroom designs. If you are an environmentalist, present a nature nuance is a must. Put a wooden ladder there is nice. It can also be used to put your towel. If you like you may combine Scandinavian Bathroom Designs with your creative ideas.

5444+ ideas about Scandinavian Bathroom Designs Design Ideas

3000+ images about Scandinavian Bathroom Designs Design Ideas

9777+ ideas about Scandinavian Bathroom Designs Design Ideas

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