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Kitchen is a place you often visit, especially for women. To make you enjoy being there, you need to create it interesting as possible. Use the great tools, good cabinets, and best color selection will make your kitchen as you want. One way you may choose is DIY Kitchen Island. What it looks like, let’s see.

First, choose brown ceramic flooring. You may choose ceramics that is not plain. You can make your kitchen seems large with a white high ceiling. While for the wall, paint it with shabby red. And combine it with white large window. The window in your kitchen is as the air circulation when you are cooking.

In front of the window, put a white sink which have a wooden cabinet under it. To make you easy in cleaning, you can choose laminate countertops. Wooden cabinet which also put over the floor cabinets is one that makes you easy to find your cooking ingredients. So, you don’t need much time to prepare your family food. While on the other side, you may add an open shelf for plates and cups.

In the middle of the kitchen, you can put a red shabby kitchen table with drawer under it and pair it with two white chairs. There your husband can accompany you cooking in the weekend. It also can be used to have meals when you don’t want to have meals in the dining room. Choose cookware which is white or black. The neutral colors it will beautify you DIY Kitchen Island. If you like to present nature sense to your kitchen, you can add some flower pots there.

You can put them near the window, beside the sink or you can put it on the table. Last but not least, DIY Kitchen Island will be more grateful if you combine it with your own kitchen design ideas. Not only you who feel comfort being there, but also your husband and your children.

3555+ ideas about DIY Kitchen Island Design Ideas

2666+ images about DIY Kitchen Island Design Ideas

7555+ ideas about DIY Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

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