50 Cool IKEA Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Bored with your bathroom? You need to refresh your body? You need a new design to freshen up your bathroom look. Let’s design your bathroom to be a cool IKEA Bathroom. We will dominate your bathroom with white and some black bathroom tools. Paint the wall with white. Combine with white large ceramics flooring. The color of white make the bathroom seems clean and cool. It is not too feminine but it is not also too blank because you will put another color there. I am sure that it will make a cool IKEA bathroom of you.

Your cool IKEA bathroom can be created by placing some tools and accessories with neutral color. On the right side of your bathroom, place a white bathtub and you may add a stainless steel shower beside the bathtub. Illuminate your bathing activity with wall lights near the bathtub. On the side, it is the dry area. Place a cabinet over the sink. You can use a black wooden storage under the white sink. To put your toiletries, putting a tall cabinet is a good idea. You also can spend less time looking for the toothpaste and more time doing what’s really important. While next to the high cabinet, you can place a bathroom sink vessel stone. It can be an alternative if you and your husband/ wife want to brush teeth together.

Over the sink vessel stone there will be a wall mirror. On the other side, you can put a black towel rack and wall hook where you can hang your towel and your clothes. Complete the bathroom with black and white bath mats and black and white stripes shower curtains if you need. Last, by placement a plant pot on the corner of your bathroom can give a different nuance. Your cool IKEA bathroom will be more interesting with the presence of the green plant.

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8777+ images about Cool IKEA Bathroom Decor Ideas

6222+ images about Cool IKEA Bathroom Decor Ideas

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