30 Wonderful Pool Landscaping Ideas

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The weather is very hot? It makes you want to be a cold place? Or you want to swim in the swimming pool? Yeah, the hot weather maybe will make you want to be in the fresh water in the swimming pool.

Yet, you can enjoy swimming if you have a cozy pool. And you will like swimming there when your pool is wonderful. So, make your swimming pool interesting. One that you can do to get your dream is by noticing the pool landscaping.

By a wonderful pool landscaping, you will get an awesome pool as you want. Besides, you can do other things to perfect it. The swimming pool that is behind your house makes it maintained its privacy. You also free to design it.

First, you can begin from the pool. It will be in the middle of the yard. You don’t have to shape it into rectangular. It’s very common. Almost all people use that shape for their pool. It’s better to shape your pool with mushroom shape. Frame the pool with brick patio. You may also use brick patio to connect your house with the pool. Yet, try to use different color between the pool frames with the patio to your house. Surround the pool and the patio with green grass.

Add some colorful flower to make it more beautiful. After swimming, you will be spoiled with the existence of beach chairs. You can put them not far from the pool. Plant trees behind the chairs. They will protect you from the sunlight that’s too hot. Then, the pool landscaping is continued to the patio furniture that you place there. The patio chairs and table can be put on an empty spot there. You can make its look more interesting with some potted plants. It will be great.

If you like to present the gurgling of water, you may build stone pond with fountain near the pool. It perfects pool landscaping of yours. You will not only enjoy swimming but the sound of the water cool your mind.

6333+ ideas about Pool Landscaping Decor Ideas

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