20 Exciting Concrete Countertop Designs

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One of the important parts in our kitchen is the countertop. Not only functions we need to consider, but also the aesthetic value and beauty of the countertop. Because by choosing a nice and attractive countertop will be able to give the impression more to our kitchen.

So the kitchen is not only a cooking place that tends be boring, but it can become a family favorite place for cooking or just come to you who are cooking and give help. One of the countertops that you can choose for your kitchen is concrete countertop.

Concrete countertop can be a choice for your kitchen. The concrete countertop of yours will also durable and easy to care for and clean. There are many designs that you can use to beautify your kitchen. One of them is black shiny concrete countertop. The glossy black color of the countertop can be used as the center of the kitchen.

That’s by combining it with white cabinets and brown walls. And it can be enhanced by the presence of a vase of flowers bright yellow sun. If you think that it’s too simple and less of uniqueness, so here another idea of exciting concrete countertop you can choose. Having a chisel edge concrete countertop island will give a unique nuance to your kitchen.

That unusual countertop edge will make your kitchen beautiful. You can choose the color of shiny brown wood. So that, when you see from a distance, your countertop looks is made of teak wood instead of concrete. While the brown color will bring a rustic feel if it is in combination with wood cabinet.

If you want the countertop is more unique, you can add walls that resemble a stone wall d on the back of the cabinet. To make your kitchen looks fresh you may place a green plant pot there. Another great concrete countertop idea can be come up from your creative ideas. And I am sure you will get a concrete countertop in accordance with your wishes.

7333+ ideas about Concrete Countertop Design Ideas

5444+ images about Concrete Countertop Design Ideas

5111+ ideas about Concrete Countertop Design Ideas

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