20 Cool Lawn Care Tips

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Get a beautiful front yard by always keeping it regularly. Learn how to grow healthy grass and maintain your lawn. There are some lawn care tips that will help you to do that. By applying those tips, your front yard will be much more beautiful. Besides, you can picnics, cookouts, and have a garden party there. It will be fun.

Here are some lawn care tips that you should do.

1. First, don’t cut the grass blade too much. Removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade will stress out your lawn. If you cut or take out too much of the grass blade, your lawn will have a difficult time thriving and will instead look burnt out.

2. Then, you may let the grass long. By having long grass blades, their roots will grow deeper. They will withstand drought and oppose pests and diseases.

3. Third is by applying fertilizer. By using fertilizer you will get a healthy lawn. It will not only thick, but it will also be green. Having a party on it is very fun. Try to use organic fertilizer. It is as the soil food that nourishes the grass. It’s also more eco-friendly so that it will not damage the soil fertility later.

4. Next is deep watering. It’s important to grow deeper roots. One inch of water to 12 inches of soil is the preferred ratio for watering actively growing grass. Water your lawn every three days. It is better than watering a few minutes every day.

5. Fifth is that you will deal with weeds, insects, and diseases. Check your lawn. Know that brown circles or dry areas around your lawn can means that you might have a problem. As problems travel under the soil that’s caused by fungal disease or insects leave a line of traceable dead grass. You can ask a professional to help you identify the exact problem and the treatment.

Those lawn care tips can be done in your front yard. Then, you will get a great lawn.

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6666+ images about Lawn Care Tips Decor Ideas

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