20 Amazing Living Room Layout Ideas

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Do you want to have a TV and a fireplace in the same time and in the same place? You maybe think that it possible because they will fulfill the room. Yet, you can have both TV and fireplace in your living room in the same time. They don’t make your living room crowded. How to do that? One important thing is your living room layout. You can plan it first before you are working there. Make your living room layout as amazing as possible. Always think cleverly for everything in your living room.

Having a TV and a fireplace in the same place and time is not something wrong. You just need to know where they should be. First, you can start the living room layout from the wall sides. You can take a side where you build windows for your fireplace. The fire place that made in the middle can be franked by windows on its sides. Use glass windows with white frames and sills. It fits with the color of the wall and ceiling. To build a nice rustic fireplace, you may use bricks that let on its color.

Present a sill and decorate it with beautiful accessories. Hang a unique mirror over it. On the other wall sides next to the fireplace, your TV is placed. Combine it with short dresser. You may place some small urns on to beautify its look. Next, L-shaped seats in the middle of the room is a smart way to enjoy both TV and fire place. You can use white sofa and grey sofa. Complete with a glass table. Freshen it up by yellow flowers and a glass vase.

You may also put some pattern cushions on the sofa. Do you need more seat? A dark blue lounge chair in the corner between the fireplace and TV can be your choice. Add a tall floor lamp. You may also bring a natural and fresh feel through a green potted plant there. It will be cool and fresh.

You have finished your work. Now, you can enjoy warming your body while watching your favourite movie in the same time by applying amazing living room layout. Happy being there!

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