10 Inspiring Kitchens with Brick Backsplash

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Having a cozy kitchen is usual for everyone. But having an unusual kitchen will be different from others. There are many ways of kitchen decorations. It can be done through the kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, even the backsplash of your kitchen. Take the inexpensive amazing brick backsplash to be applied to your kitchen. Your kitchen will be inspiring. Combine your own great ideas with inspired brick backsplash ideas. This will achieve your dream of having unusual cozy kitchen.

Start designing the kitchen from the wall and ceiling. Do you belong to the simple women? If so, creating a simple kitchen is what you want. Simple doesn’t mean that it’s not interesting. By working through the brick backsplash, you will have an inspiring one. Check it out! First as mentioned before, it’s better for you to paint the wall with beige and the ceiling is so. While for the flooring, wooden flooring will be very warm. It will be great to be combined with the brick backsplash. They are so rustic, moreover when you let the backsplash in its original brick color.

The orange brick is able to give color the beige wall. It can be used as the point of your kitchen. Pair it with white bone cabinets. Try to get black kitchen stools in supporting your cooking activity there. While for the countertops, you can apply wooden countertops. If it’s really hard to care, you may use concrete countertops. Choose a countertop with river shades. It gives natural nuance. Maybe you never think that the river shade countertops can be combined with brick backsplash. But, they work really great.

Then, in the middle of the kitchen, placing a triangle glass table and three chairs around it can be a good way. Your family can accompany you cooking by sitting there. So, you will more enjoy cooking than when you are alone in the kitchen. Add the beauty of it by hanging a sphere chandelier over them. Whatever the ideas of your kitchen, applying brick backsplash can be an interesting choice. Be brave to try and find the best combination and get happiness during cooking.

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