10 Cool Bedrooms with Color Pallet

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When somebody asked where she/he likes to stay for a long time, most of them surely will answer that they like to stay in their own bedroom. They can do many things there. They can do their hobby. They can read their favorite comic without anyone disturbs them. They can also do their work there.

In some times, they are also able to invite their friend to come and chat together. And the most important is that you can rest there after having tiring activities in a day. To make you comfort being there, you need to create a nice room. Create it as interesting as possible. Adjust it with the theme you want apply. You can use color pallet to get a room as the theme.

Color has an important role in creating a great room, including a bedroom. There many colors that you can use. One of them is color pallet. The color that’s not flashy makes the room cool. Let’s see. First, you can use autumn cloud as the background color. You can paint the wall and the ceiling with it. Combine it with wooden flooring. You can choose brick red for the floor. It’s warm and interesting.

Let the sunlight comes to glass windows in your room. Paint the window frames with white. Then, to get a perfect cool bedroom, you also need to choose the best bed for it. It’s good for you to use a Camelot bed. It’s darker than the wall and the ceiling. Add black, white, and red black pattern pillows. Frank the bed with red table lamps. The red makes the room alive.

Don’t let the wall over the bed blank. Give some decoration will make it interesting. Photo frames can be your choice for that. Add black wall lamp with yellow lighting. It’s luxurious. If you like to place a puff there is possible. Yet, it’s better to use black grey pattern puff to keep the harmony there. Don’t forget to beautify your room by spreading a black red rug. It’s cool. You will like sitting on it.

It’s not a must to apply color pallet on all component of your room. It will be more interesting and cooler when you combine with other bright colors. By those combinations, you will get a cool bedroom as you expect.

4444+ ideas about Color Pallet Decor Ideas

3888+ images about Color Pallet Decor Ideas

6111+ images about Color Pallet Decor Ideas

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