How to Use AI to Reduce E&O Risk in P&C Insurance

On-Demand Lunch & Learn

Manually reviewing commercial insurance policies that are hundreds of pages long can be extremely time-consuming and – let’s be honest – boring! Not to mention there is a high risk of human error, because after page 55, tired eyes prevail and it’s easy to miss things. And in times of crisis, onerous tasks like policy checking can tend to get overlooked, exposing brokers to E&O risks down the line.

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can automate the policy checking process, reducing the risk of costly E&O exposure and accelerating quote-to-bind.

Watch this on-demand lunch & learn session to learn:

  • The advantages of automated policy checking
  • How AI-assisted policy checking works – including a short demo
  • Key considerations for adopting AI
  • Live Q&A

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