How to Accelerate Policy Checking Turnaround Times with AI

On-Demand Webinar 

For P&C insurance brokers, manually reviewing commercial insurance policies for quality and completeness of coverage prior to issuance is a thankless task that takes hours or days.

Customers expect high quality, error-free policies, but errors and omissions like missing endorsements, incorrect limits, and premium shortfalls are all too common. After page 55, tired eyes prevail and it’s easy to miss things. It’s a problem that costs insurance brokers billions every year in E&O exposure.

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can automate and standardize the policy checking process, reducing turnaround times and improving the policyholder experience.

During the on-demand webinar, Chisel AI’s CEO Ron Glozman discusses:

  • The benefits of automated policy checking
  • How AI-powered policy checking works – including a short demo
  • Key considerations for adopting AI
  • Answers your questions in a live Q&A

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